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IdNameEmailMedia TitleDepartmentVideo
2262Simon Studio OrientationLTLT Preview

2261Simon User walk throughLTLT Preview

2260Michael & Career PathwaysYes Preview

2255Dian Spotlight: Academic Support ProgramMedia and communications Preview

2254Dian The Couch - end of year messageMedia and communications Preview

2253Vicky Welcome MessageMedia and Communications Preview

2252Julie Research - Community-Based PlanningCommunity Planning and Development Preview

2250Antoanela at La Trobe UniversityYes Preview

2249Jennifer Work Arrangements @ La Trobe - Manager guidelines: What, who and howHuman Resources Preview

2248Jennifer Work Arrangements @ La Trobe - Manager guidelines: Assessing requests and working collaborativelyHuman Resources Preview

2247Erin Wang: Accounting Student La Trobe University Yes Preview

2246Erin Lee: Accounting Student La Trobe University Yes Preview

2245Billy & Career Pathways Anthony Scarff Yes Preview

2244Billy Hongbo Sun: Alumni La Trobe University Yes Preview

2243Billy Ruihao Wei: Alumni La Trobe University Yes Preview

2240Bernadette Campus - Staff BriefingMedia and Communications Preview

2239Dian the couch - Dr Alan WatkinsonMedia and Communications Preview

2237Jason 3MT - Sangeeta Rathi Red - GRS Preview

2236Jason 3MT - Rachel Loney-Howes Red - GRS Preview

2235Jason 3MT - Perla Guarneros Red - GRS Preview

2234Jason 3MT - Mijke Mulder Red - GRS Preview

2233Jason 3MT - Katie Buckley Red - GRS Preview

2232Jason 3MT - Lisa Furlong Red - GRS Preview

2231Jason 3MT - Ingrid Wilson Red - GRS Preview

2230Jason 3MT - Hannah MacDougall Red - GRS Preview

2229Simon Asiuloka 1BS Competition EntryLTLT Preview

2228Simon Mishra 1BS Competition EntryLTLT Preview

2225Antoanela than revenge: adressing the harms of \'revenge pornography\' roundtable Part 2Yes Preview

2224Simon Truong 1BS Competition EntryLTLT Preview

2222Simon Shand 1BS Competition EntryLTLT Preview

2221Simon and JGeale 1BS Competition EntryLTLT Preview

2220Simon Kenechukwu 1BS Competition EntryLTLT Preview

2219Simon Fundamentals 1BS Green Screen ExampleLTLT Preview

2218Antoanela than revenge: adressing the harms of 'revenge pornography' roundtableYes Preview

2217Simon Truong 1BS Competition EntryLTLT Preview

2215Simon Sahil 1BS Competition EntryLTLT Preview

2214Simon Shand 1BS Competition EntryLTLT Preview

2213Simon and JGeale 1BS Competition EntryLTLT Preview

2212Simon KenechukwuLTLT Preview

2211Simon Self-ServiceLTLT Preview

2209Simon System CenterLTLT Preview

2208Dian the couch - Professor Russell Hoye Media and Communications Preview

2204Michelle Trobe Exchange Pre-Orientation TestimonialInternational Preview

2203Michelle Trobe Exchange Pre-Orientation testimonialInternational Preview

2202Michelle Trobe Exchange Pre-Orientation Trip TestimonialInternational Preview

2201Michelle Trobe Exchange Pre-Orientaiton Trip TestimonialInternational Preview

2200Michelle Trip testimonialInternational Preview

2199Michelle Abroad Pre-Orientation VideoInternational Preview

2198Simon Video Converter User GuideLa Trobe Learning and Teaching Preview

2197Adam Defending Free Speech in an era of Social MediaUniversity Events Preview

2196Dian Professor John Dewar Media and Communications Preview

2195Jennifer Work @ La Trobe Human Resources Preview

2194Jennifer Work Arrangements @ La TrobeHuman Resources Preview

2193Jennifer Work Arrangements @ La TrobeHuman Resources Preview

2192Simon Chancellor Professor John Dewar launches the One Button StudioLa Trobe Learning and Teaching Preview

2191Simon Chancellor Launches the One Button StudioLa Trobe Learning and Teaching Preview

2190Monika Chancellor Launches the One Button StudioLa Trobe Learning and Teaching Preview

2189Dian The Couch - Paul FarleyMedia and Communications Preview

2188Dian The Couch - Mark EngelMedia and Communications Preview

2186Philp Students at Japan Industry Study GroupMathematics and Statistics Preview

2185Josh stretchHuman Resources Preview

2184Sharyn at La Trobe - Bendigo campusService Businesses Preview

2183Sharyn at La Trobe - Melbourne campusService Businesses Preview student experienceMedia and Communications Preview

2178Bernadette Briefing - Melbourne CampusMedia and Communications Preview

2175Jason a Professional Doctorate at La Trobe UniversityGraduate School of Research Preview

2174Michael What are we afraid of?Yes Preview

2173Michael in dark territoryYes Preview

2172Jason 3MT CompetitionGraduate Research School Preview

2171Michael, at last? Prospects for the planet after Paris.Yes Preview

2168Monika Grants - Project HighlightsLTLT Preview Success - ManagersMedia and Communications Preview The Couch - Vice Chancellor Professor John DewarMedia and Communications Preview

2165Cameron Trobe Teaching School_MackenzieASSC Marketing Preview

2164Cameron Trobe Teaching School_DunneASSC Marketing Preview

2161Antoanela - the free app for rentersYes Preview

2160Cameron and Communication WelcomeASSC Marketing Preview

2159D.Lipiarski Success Media and Communications Preview

2158Antoanela to register for CellOParkYes Preview

2157Antoanela to use CellOParkYes Preview

2156Dian of the year: Lieutenant General David MorrisonMedia and Communications Preview Ecological Illiteracy CrisisMedia and Communications Preview

2154Bernadette The Couch - Peter NikoletatosMedia and Communication Preview

2153Katherine Competition Teacher ResourceCollege Education Team - ASSC Preview

2152Katherine Competition Student ResourceCollege Education Team - ASSC Preview

2151Bernadette of year messageMedia and Communications Preview

2149Thomas Roberta Holmes Professorial Lecture by Professor Jan NicholsonYes Preview

2148Jason 3MT - Karen O'Reilly BriggsGRS Preview The Couch - Refreshed Future Ready Strategy Media and Communications Preview

2144Emily The Black Box at the Intersection of Gender and SexualityAustralian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society Preview The Couch - Professor Keith Nugent, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)Media and Communications Preview

2141Jason 3MT - Edwina KayGRS Preview

2139Michael and Greed? Australia-China RelationsYes Preview

2138Simon Fiona BirdLTLT Preview

2137Simon Mark CivitellaLTLT Preview

2135Simon Mark CivitellaLTLT Preview

2134Michael Reef - A Passionate HistoryYes Preview

2133Michael FairnessYes Preview

2132Michael Writers Festival – Session 2Yes Preview

2131Jason 3MT - Hannah MacDougallGRS Preview

2130Dian What if we could create a successful treatment?Media and Communication Preview

2129Jason 3MT - Katie BuckleyGRS Preview

2127Jason 3MT - Daniel DavisGRS Preview

2126Jason 3MT - Jen WiltshireGRS Preview

2125Jason 3MT - Murray NeuzerlingGRS Preview

2124Jason 3MT - Priyanka ReddyGRS Preview FirstMedia and Communication Preview you videoMedia and Communication Preview

2120Bernadette Staff Briefing - Tuesday 1 SeptemberMedia and Communications Preview tool instructional videoMedia and Communication Preview

2118Michael ExtremeYes Preview

2117Dian First - touchpoints videoSchools Engagement & Student Recruitment Preview

2116Dian The Couch - Professor Jane Long Senior Deputy Vice-ChancellorMedia and Communication Preview

2114Dian Ready Strategy RefreshMedia and Communication Preview

2112Michael Future of the Australian UniversityYes Preview

2110Dian FAT Idea - Understanding cell deathMedia and Communications Preview

2108Bernadette The Couch - Interview with Professor John Dewar, Vice-ChancellorMedia and Communications Preview undergoing cell deathYes Preview

2106Antoanela to pay through GlobalPay for studentsYes Preview

2104Dan the difference - Stefan's storyYes Preview

2103Michael the one who tells our storyYes Preview at La TrobeYes Preview

2101Bernadette The Couch - Interview with Professor Tony McGrewYes Preview

2100Michael the one who sustains our water supplyYes Preview

2099Michael the one who defends our rightsYes Preview

2097Michael really happened at Gallipoli?Yes Preview

2096Antoanela First program Yes Preview

2095Kristen New Colombo Plan Scholarship ProgramYes Preview

2094Bernadette The Couch- Professor Graham SchafferMedia and Communications Preview

2093Bernadette Staff Briefing - Friday 17 AprilMedia and communicatons Preview

2092Kristen New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program Yes Preview Athlete Program: Ahmed KellyYes Preview Athlete Program: Emma CoxYes Preview Athlete Program: Dennis ArmfieldYes Preview

2087Ally LearningLTLT Preview

2085Alix 2015Schools Engagement and Student Recruitment Preview

2084Dan's WelcomeYes Preview

2083Dan Vecci - David Morgan Scholarship recipient 2015 Yes Preview

2082Eddie at La Trobe UniversityDepartment of Engineering Preview

2081Trevor your student email from a La Trobe computer or via your browserICT Preview

2080Melanie - Breanna MazziniSchools Engagement and Student Recruitment Preview

2079Michael conversation with George MarshallYes Preview

2078Sarah Yang Video for Accounting Work Placement ProgramDepartment of Accounting Preview

2077Julie at La Trobe from a student's perspectiveCollege of Arts, Social Science and Commerce Preview

2076Julie to La Trobe, from your College Pro Vice-ChancellorCollege of Arts, Social Science and commerce Preview

2075Nicole Professor Tony McGrewASSC Preview

2074Melanie - RaquelSchools Engagement and Student Recruitment Preview

2073Melanie - JoshlynSchools Engagement and Student Recruitment Preview

2072Melanie - JoshSchools Engagement and Student Recruitment Preview

2071Melanie - JamesSchools Engagement and Student Recruitment Preview to La TrobeYes Preview

2068Jason 3MT finalist. Bree AhrensGraduate Research School Preview

2067Jason 3MT finalist. Jubin JohnGraduate Research School Preview

2066Jason 3MT finalist. Lara Bereza-MalcolmGraduate Research School Preview

2064Jason 3MT finalist. Kate LawlerGraduate Research School Preview

2063Jason 3MT finalist. Kulaya PongpanGraduate Research School Preview

2062Jason 3MT finalist. Sangeeta SangwanGraduate Research School Preview

2061Jason 3MT finalist. Esin OzdilGraduate Research School Preview

2060Jason machine that lets mitochondria divideGraduate School of Research Preview

2059Jason 3MT finalist. Colin HoadGraduate Research School Preview

2058Lee O' Knowledge Week: Social media and the lawFaculty of Business, Economics and Law Preview

2056Lee O' media and the law: Where to draw the line?Faculty of Business, Economics and Law Preview Chancellor’s Christmas MessageYes Preview Campus Master PlanYes Preview

2052Melanie students Bounce into the holidaysNational Recruitment Preview Preview

2050Emily ThinkingOffice of the DVC (A) Preview

2049Emily and EntrepreneurshipOffice of the DVC (A) Preview

2048Emily CitizenshipDVC (A) Preview

2047Emily La Trobe EssentialsOffice of the DVC (A) Preview

2045Ella and Information Technology ShowcaseYes Preview

2044Jasmine Interview - Katie HolmesMarketing and Engagment Preview

2043Emma ready to bounce!National Recruitment Preview

2041Michael Futures Project ForumYes Preview

2040Lorraine Futures - Take the next stepNational Recruitment Preview

2038Lorraine Study TankNational Recruitment Preview

2037Lorraine The Science of Wasting TimeNational Recruitment Preview

2036Emily Sustainability Thinking: Essentials for our futuresDVC (A) Preview

2035Lorraine Futures ProgramNational Recruitment Preview

2034Katrinka - La Trobe Business SchoolFBEL Marketing Preview

2033Trevor MyApps from your iPhone - StaffICT Preview TurangYes Preview Oscar Yildiz JP Yes Preview Professor John McKenzie AM, FAAYes Preview LennebergYes Preview Honourable Andrew Robb AO MPYes Preview AbercrombieYes Preview

2026Jasmine interview with Jasmine Mobarek Marketing & Engagement Preview

2025Melanie Signature walkthroughLa Trobe Consulting, Research Services Preview

2024Melanie Contract Cover Card walkthroughLa Trobe Consulting, Research Services Preview

2023Melanie Budget Calculator walkthroughLa Trobe Consulting, Research Services Preview

2022Michael What's next for Journalism?Yes Preview the difference – Maarten’s storyYes Preview the difference – Allem’s storyYes Preview

2019Antoanela student internshipsYes Preview

2018Jasmine Fat Ideas- Giacomo Vivanti Marketing & Engagement Preview

2017Jasmine Fat Ideas- Matt RiddleMarketing & Engagement Preview

2016Melanie of being a consultant through La TrobeResearch Services Preview

2015Tim Clinic at La Trobe UniversityFaculty of Health Sciences Preview

2013Diana Trobe Asia - Making a Difference in the Asian CenturyLa Trobe Asia Preview

2012Lorraine on mental healthNational Recruitment Preview

2011Lorraine to eat in the AgoraNational Recruitment Preview

2010Lorraine is the destinationNational Recruitment Preview

2008Ally Getting the most out of the Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (GCHE)La Trobe Learning and Teaching Preview

2005Melanie ready for Community Games! National Recruitment Preview

1995Melanie to La Trobe!National Recruitment Preview

1994Melanie Trobe welcome's Cameron through the Aspire programNational Recruitment Preview Trobe University Community Bank InitiativeYes Preview

1991Lorraine BalanceNational Recruitment Preview

1990Lorraine is the industry cadetship programNational Recruitment Preview

1989Lorraine on how to studyNational Recruitment Preview

1988Lorraine at school and universityNational Recruitment Preview

1987Lorraine day in the lifeNational Recruitment Preview

1986Lorraine is Public HealthNational Recruitment Preview

1985Katrinka Leigh DrakeFBEL Marketing Preview

1984Katrinka Richard SpeedFBEL Marketing Preview

1983Katrinka Amalia Di IorioFBEL Marketing Preview

1982Katrinka Choose the La Trobe MBA?Marketing, Business, Economics and Law Preview

1981Michael The Future of Australian ManufacturingYes Preview

1975Sahithi Mentoring Program - Mentors' Success StoriesHuman Resources Preview

1974Lorraine Health Sciences LifeNational Recruitment Preview

1973Lorraine to uniNational Recruitment Preview

1972Michael CultureYes Preview

1971Michael Search of LucidityYes Preview

1969Jasmine staff forum: 14 AugustMarketing & Engagement Preview

1966Michelle'Bioinformatics, biostatistics and cancer ‘omics’ FSTE Marketing Preview

1965Ivan MurphyMedia and Communications Preview

1964Ivan ElderMedia and Communications Preview

1963Jenna Trobe rapHuSS Preview

1962Melanie Early Admission Program - Lachie's storyNational Recruitment Preview

1958Michael Interview - Luke OwensMarketing and Engagement - National Recruitment - Future Students Centre Preview

1956Michael Interview - Darcy GilliganMarketing and Engagement - National Recruitment - Future Students Centre Preview

1955Lorraine away in Mt. BuffaloNational Recruitment Preview

1954Muhammad experience student at La Trobe EngineeringFSTE Preview

1950Jasmine Sandra Leggat Marketing and Engagement Preview

1949Lorraine pathway into LawNational Recruitment Preview

1948Lorraine PreparationNational Recruitment Preview

1947Lorraine friendsNational Recruitment Preview

1946Lorraine free uniNational Recruitment Preview

1944Michael Interview - Stephanie LorenzoNational Recruitment Preview

1943Michael Interview - Sebastian RobertsonNational Recruitment Preview

1940Dominic Plus - Searh for a subjectAcademic Services Preview

1939Dominic Plus - allocating to activitiesAcademic Services Preview

1938Dominic Plus IntroductionAcademic Services Preview

1937Melanie to apply - AspireNational Recruitment Preview

1936Muhammad rimless wheel project - Department of Electronic EngineeringFaculty of Science, Technology and Engineering Preview

1935Emma Options Seminars for Psychology - Rebecca Wells - Social WorkerStudent Enrichment Preview

1934Emma Options Psychology - Chelsea BurtonStudent Enrichment Preview

1933Emma Options Seminars for Psychology - Brendon Booth pb Human CapitalStudent Enrichment Preview

1932Kendall the difference - Murray HardyheadBrand Strategy Preview

1931Kendall the difference - Sophie's storyBrand Strategy Preview

1930Kendall the difference - Riley's storyBrand S Preview

1929Kendall the difference - Alexander's storyMarketing and Brand Strategy Preview

1928Kendall the differenceMarketing and Brand Strategy Preview

1927Lorraine to catch babies and wear scrubsNational Recruitment Preview

1926Lorraine baby is bornNational Recruitment Preview

1925Lorraine ready for inside the classroomNational Recruitment Preview

1924Lorraine Recruitment Preview

1923Antoanela Xuan Vien Le (Vietnam), Bachelor of BusinessLa Trobe International Preview

1922Lorraine day in the microbiology labNational Recruitment Preview

1921Ivan GarrettMedia and Communications Preview

1920Ivan MenziesMedia and Communications Preview

1919Carmen van CourseAcademic Services Preview

1918Jasmine Ralph NewmarkMarketing and Engagment Preview

1917Jasmine Poon - Big Fat IdeasMarketing and Engagment Preview

1916Ivan and Engineering Challenge 2014Media and Communications Preview

1914Ivan ExhibitionMedia and Communications Preview

1913Melanie Ambassador - Alisha YonzonNational Recruitment Preview

1912Emma Starting a company and the value of networkingStudent Enrichment Preview

1911Melanie Ambassador - Conner BethuneNational Recruitment Preview

1909Nicole staff forum: 23 MayFunding Future Ready Preview

1907Antoanela Yu (China), Bachelor student and Academic Merit Scholarship recipientLa Trobe International Preview

1906Antoanela Campus campaign videosLa Trobe International Preview

1904Antoanela Lama (Nepal), Diploma in BusinessLa Trobe International Preview

1903Antoanela Tatang (Indonesia), Bachelor of BusinessLa Trobe International Preview

1902Rebecca the world, one scholarship at a timeAlumni and Advancement Preview

1900Melanie Ambassador - Conner BethuneNational Recruitment Preview

1899Michael ScienceYes Preview

1897Lorraine to help you study overseasNational Recruitment Preview

1896Lorraine a life with CPRNational Recruitment Preview

1895Lorraine HygieneNational Recruitment Preview

1894Lorraine to de-stressNational Recruitment Preview

1893Ed Autism Specific Early Learning and Care Centre (ASELCC) OverviewServices Businesses Preview

1892Nicole update: May 2014Funding Future Ready Preview

1891Jasmine Australian paleo diet: 40,000 years in the makingMedia & Communications Preview

1890Jasmine disease RFAMedia & Communications Preview

1889Jenna Rose student profileHUSS Preview

1888Jasmine eating and breathing electricityMedia & Communications Preview

1887Jasmine sporting chanceMedia & Communications Preview

1885Jasmine Collective Agreement Negotiation webcastMedia & Communications Preview

1884Nicole aphasia: Preventing depression and enabling social connectionMedia & Communications Preview

1883Lorraine course - the Bachelor of EducationNational Recruitment Preview

1882Lorraine is the Careers Hub?National Recruitment Preview

1881Michael in AustraliaYes Preview

1880Ivan 1000 graduate milestoneMedia and Communications Preview

1877Ivan Bachchan visits La Trobe UniversityMedia and Communications Preview

1875Ivan Health Survey 2014Media and Communications Preview

1874Michael has the power to change the worldYes Preview

1873Lorraine, Learn, Love - La TrobeNational Recruitment Preview

1872Lorraine Experience La Trobe - BendigoNational Recruitment Preview

1868Michael Sport has the power to change the worldYes Preview

1867Ivan and Adelaide Bank ScholarshipsMedia and Communications Preview

1866Lorraine Trobe Library - the coolest place to beFuture Students Centre Preview

1864Lorraine Generation Youth ForumMarketing and Engagement - National Recruitment - Future Students Centre Preview

1863Ivan Trobe MBA profileMedia and Communications Preview

1862Sahithi Mentoring Program - Mentees' Success StoriesHuman Resources Preview

1861Simone of 'Transition to Contemporary Parenthood'Judith Lumley Centre Preview

1859Lorraine is Occupational Therapy?National Recruitment Preview

1858Lorraine on a uni student timeframeNational Recruitment Preview

1857Lorraine insiders guide to nursing and midwiferyNational Recruitment Preview

1856Bert De the Frog (... of Pesticides)Agricultural Sciences Preview

1855Ivan project - Ned's CornerMedia and Communications Preview

1854Michael Generation Youth ForumMarketing and Engagement - National Recruitment - Future Students Centre Preview

1853Ivan project - Ned\'s CornerMedia and Communications Preview

1852Elizabeth Environmental Reporting and Public ParticipationFaculty of Science, Technology and Engineering Preview

1851Lorraine Blog 1Future Students Centre Preview

1850Lorraine Blog 1Future Students Centre Preview

1849Lorraine Blog 1Future Students Centre Preview

1848Lorraine Blog 1Future Students Centre Preview

1847Lorraine Blog 1Future Students Centre Preview Festival of NationsYes Preview

1842Michael Melbourne still the intellectual capital of Australia?Yes Preview

1840Nicole all staff forum 28 FebruaryMedia and Communications Preview I chose La TrobeYes Preview Proust AOYes Preview

1837Tim Dean's WelcomeFaculty of Health Sciences Preview

1836Tim Year Coordinator welcomeFaculty of Health Sciences Preview

1834Tim's Australian Therapy Outcome MeasuresFaculty of Health Sciences Preview

1833Anna Von in Science & Nature at La Trobe UniversityResearch Services Preview Drumming Energiser at Future Ready Leader Conference​Yes Preview

1831Jane Big Idea programRegional Office Preview

1827Nicole, exercise and rehabilitationMedia and Communications Preview

1826Kristen Trobe International Welcome FestivalInternational Preview - International RelationsYes Preview - Media Studies Yes Preview - Information Systems/BusinessYes Preview - PhysiotherapyYes Preview - Outdoor EducationYes Preview - Law/BusinessYes Preview - Sport and Leisure ManagementYes Preview

1817Stephen Hayat KhanFBEL Marketing Preview to expect at OrientationYes Preview

1815Lorraine our program from the ground upFuture Students Centre Preview

1811Ivan with Parkinson'sMedia and Communications Preview Your AccountYes Preview

1808Daniel Course DetailsYes Preview

1806Ally Integrity Module (AIM) - InstructionsTeaching & Learning/Humanities & Social Sciences Preview

1805Nicole engagement to create a dialogue on family violenceMedia and Communications Preview

1800Siobhan I study IndonesianHuSS Preview

1798Carmen Van Preview

1797Carmen Van Session FinderYes Preview

1796Carmen Van Your AccountYes Preview

1795Ivan Bridges students graduateMedia and Communications Preview

1794Kendall Preferences Campaign 2014Brand Strategy Preview

1793Nicole in the numbersMedia and Communications Preview

1791Nicole the early detection of autismMedia and Communications Preview

1790Lorraine got in!Future Students Centre Preview

1789Lorraine Ambassador ConferenceThe Future Students Centre Preview

1788Lorraine love of Ag ScienceFuture Students Centre Preview

1786Ngaere to new studentsStudent Enrichment Preview

1785Tim\'s Report December 2013Faculty of Health Sciences Preview

1784Ivan set for La Trobe Art InstituteMedia and Communications Preview

1782Daniel MomentsYes Preview

1781Elizabeth conditionsFaculty of Science, Technology and Engineering Preview

1780Thomas O' Kim Baker, scholarship recipientMedia and Communications Unit Preview

1779Thomas O' Rabel, scholarship recipientMedia and Communications Unit Preview

1777Virginia to ebooks #2 An academic perspectiveLibrary Preview Alumni Awards & University DinnerYes Preview

1775Kendall an international agentBrand Strategy Preview

1774Kendall from another uniBrand Strategy Preview

1773Kendall for a yearBrand Strategy Preview

1772Kendall from another courseBrand Strategy Preview inYes Preview with a DiplomaYes Preview from another campusYes Preview with single subjectsYes Preview

1767Elizabeth Image Disorders ResearchFaculty of Science, Technology and Engineering Preview

1765Virginia to ebooks #1 A Library perspectiveLibrary Preview

1764Lorraine to uni - its the best time of your life!Future Students Centre Preview

1763Lorraine for great foot knowledgeFuture Students Centre Preview

1762Lorraine exchange - the way to go!Future Students Centre Preview

1761Lorraine got a job!Future Students Centre Preview

1760Lorraine for success!Future Students Centre Preview

1759Lorraine end is nearFuture Students Centre Preview

1758Lorraine year in reviewFuture Students Preview

1757Lorraine I'm going to miss!Future Students Preview

1756Lorraine fit while studyingFuture Students Centre Preview

1755Nicole hall meeting: Monday 25 NovemberMedia and Communications Preview

1754Tim at La TrobeFaculty of Health Sciences Preview

1751Ally ProgramLearning and Teaching at La Trobe Preview

1750Nicole interview: Securing food, water and the environmentMedia and Communications Preview

1749Caitlyn Wifi to Aliens - Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering Preview

1748Ivan of the lecture - into the classroomMedia and Communications Preview

1746Elizabeth Michael Looker - Conservation PartnershipsFaculty of Science, Technology and Engineering Preview

1745Ivan students brush with mobile clinicMedia and Communications Preview

1744Ivan students brush with mobile clinicMedia and Communications Preview

1743Ivan'Murri Totems' unveiledMedia and Communications Preview

1741Nicole Roland Burke interviews Professor Keith NugentMedia and Communications Preview

1740Lorraine for the penniless uni studentsFuture Students Centre Preview

1738Dan road to La TrobeYes Preview

1737Nicole staff forum: Funding Future Ready 18 OctoberMedia and Communications Preview

1735Poppy PlusNational Recruitment Unit Preview

1734Daniel Trobe: past, present and future.Yes Preview

1733Nicole effective support: A key issue for National Disability Insurance SchemeMedia and Communications Preview

1732Nicole Hepatitis BMedia and Communications Preview

1730Lorraine penniless uni studentFuture Students Centre Preview

1729Ivan with Bendigo and Adelaide BankMedia and Communications Preview

1727Brendan Trobe University’s men want to prevent violence against womenCounselling Services Preview

1726Brendan you can do to prevent violence against womenCounselling Services Preview

1724Brendan, Women, Violence and DiscriminationCounselling Services Preview

1723Paul's reportHealth Sciences Preview

1722Lorraine day in the Podiatry ClinicFuture Students Centre Preview

1721Lorraine with SteveFuture Students Centre Preview

1720Lorraine's favourite things!Future Students Centre Preview

1719Lorraine can see the finish line!Future Students Centre Preview

1717Tom O' Rabel, scholarship recipientBendigo Director\\\'s office Preview

1716Tom O' Baker, scholarship recipientOffice of Director, Bendigo Campus Preview

1711Michael Will the Abbott Government Do?HUSS Marketing Preview BridgesYes Preview

1709Nicole global food security by improving animal healthMedia and Communications Preview

1706Margaret exploratory study of Vietnamese concept of face "Th? Di?n"Research Education and Development (RED) Unit Preview

1704Elizabeth animals, sex and the future of menFaculty of Science, Technology and Engineering Preview

1701Margaret't move!Research Education and Development (RED) Unit Preview

1700Margaret feeling is mutual - To trust or not to trust credit unions' performanceResearch Education and Development (RED) Unit Preview

1699Margaret Write Myself: Re-Presenting the exile of Van Diemen's Land Aborigines at Wybalenna, 1832-1847 Research Education and Development (RED) Unit Preview

1698Margaret based practicum: Learning in a neighbourhood of teachersResearch Education and Development (RED) Unit Preview

1697Margaret to the root of the problem; saving the environment from the ground upResearch Education and Development (RED) Unit Preview

1696Margaret 'class': Attempts by Marxists in the 1980s to build a theory of Australian social classesResearch Education and Development (RED) Unit Preview

1694Margaret stakeholder perspective on regulating commercial tourism operators in Victoria's National ParksResearch Education and Development (RED) Unit Preview

1693Margaret be dancing "like a man"Research Education and Development (RED) Unit Preview

1692Nicole do we hate?Media and Communications Preview

1691Karl of MemoryAlumni and Advancement Preview

1690Nicole with the VC: 20 September 2013Media and Communications Preview

1688Rebecca a PhDYes Preview

1687Ivan Day 2013 - Bendigo campusMedia and Communications Preview

1681Nicole footy can influence positive cultural change well beyond the playing fieldMedia and Communications Preview

1680Nicole staff forum: Funding Future Ready - Q&AsMedia and Communications Preview

1678Nicole in the workplace: occupational stress, health and wellbeing Media and Communications Preview

1677Daniel Trobe – Number 1 in SportYes Preview

1675Nicole staff forum: Funding Future Ready - VC presentationMedia and Communications Preview

1673Daniel Trobe UniversityYes Preview

1672Michael World RankingHUSS Marketing Preview

1671Lorraine of Agricultural Science!Future Students Centre Preview

1670Lorraine on campusFuture Students Centre Preview

1669Tim Information Management at La TrobeFaculty of Health Sciences Preview

1667Michael Personal and the PoliticalHUSS Marketing Preview

1666Elizabeth of Science, Technology and Engineering Preview

1665Ivan BridgesMedia and Communications Preview

1664Matt Hexima Cadetship VideoFaculty Office, FSTE Preview

1663Michael, Desire and Nature in Australian FictionHUSS Marketing Preview

1661Liz & Neuropsychology ResearchFaculty of Science, Technology and Engineering Preview

1660Liz Spectrum Disorders ResearchFaculty of Science, Technology and Engineering Preview

1659Liz ResearchFaculty of Science, Technology and Engineering Preview

1657Lorraine from abroadFuture Students Centre Preview

1656Lorraine tours to Nepal!Future Students Centre Preview

1655Nicole Strong governance is neededMedia and Communications Preview

1651Jennifer OASIS and timetablingTeaching and Learning, FBEL Preview

1650Ivan given medical career insightsMedia and Communications Preview

1649Nicole Ready implementation: Where are we now?Media and Communications Preview

1647Rebecca to Live founder, Yanti TurangAAO Preview

1646Nicole Ready town hall meeting to all staff: July 2013Media and Communications Preview

1645Nicole Salisbury interview with Professor Jane LongMedia and Communications Preview

1643Lorraine tour of Chisholm CollegeNational Recruitment Preview

1642Ivan tour to historic UKMedia and Communications Preview

1641Lorraine farmer and the scientist National Recruitment Preview

1640Lorraine Experiences La TrobeNational Recruitment Preview

1639Lorraine’s trippin’ National Recruitment Preview

1638Lorraine Speak. Open Day, Bendigo campus National Recruitment Preview

1637Lorraine Speak. Open Day, Shepparton CampusNational Recruitment Preview

1636Lorraine Speak. Open Day, Melbourne campus National Recruitment Preview

1635Lorraine Speak. Open Day, Albury-Wodonga campus National Recruitment Preview

1633Nicole engagement: Not just bums on seats!Media and Communications Preview

1632Nicole beyond borders - international students in our communityMedia and Communications Preview

1631Nicole integrated health services should include lawyersMedia and Communications Preview

1630Nicole teachers learning in the community: Lessons for educatorsMedia and Communications Preview

1629Nicole Changing attitudes towards disability one chest press at a timeMedia and Communications Preview

1628Nicole engagement: knowing what you don't knowMedia and Communications Preview

1626Daniel IndonesianYes Preview

1625Daniel Class EducationYes Preview

1621Tim Physiotherapy at La TrobeFaculty of Health Sciences Preview

1620Lorraine tips at their best!Future Students Centre Preview

1618Nicole Smith's interview with the Vice-ChancellorMedia and Communications Preview

1617Kalli stories - Heather StewartCTLC Preview

1616Kalli stories - Kerry FisherCTLC Preview

1615Lorraine preparation National Recruitment Preview Susan Lawler: Crayfish ecologyDigital Marketing Preview Trobe Research: Ben GawneYes Preview Trobe Research: Bert De GroefYes Preview Trobe Research: Susan HoebeeYes Preview Trobe Research: Suresh Mathivanan Yes Preview Trobe Research: Sarah Avitabile Yes Preview Trobe Research: Luke FormosaYes Preview Trobe Research: Wenny Rahayu Yes Preview

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